Email Signatures: Client Order Form

Email signatures are an easy and great way to bring your branding to your customer or client’s inbox. Simply fill out the form below to get started. Email signatures are built by hand and most signatures will be completed within the hour, however, please allow up to 24 hours to receive your signature file. Please note that you may have a discount code through your employer, don’t forget to enter your code.

*For Sand Dunes Real Estate: Your discount code is already applied. Please update the social links if you have your own that you would like to use.

Depending on the size of your file upload, the form may take a few moments to submit. Be sure to leave your browser window open until you have received a confirmation message. If you have any questions please reach out to me through email.

When you receive your email signature file it will include instructions on how to install and use your signature. The instructions are also included below.

Installing your email signature on Gmail:

1: Save the file to your computer or cloud storage. 

2: Open the file in your browser by dragging and dropping the file onto an open browser window. It should open in a new tab.

3: Highlight the whole signature, make sure you get everything.

4: Copy the signature by either “CTRL + C” or right clicking and selecting “Copy” (not “Copy Image”).

5: Open Gmail. Go into settings by clicking the gear in the upper right hand corner and selecting “See all settings” from the menu.

6: Scroll down to the Signature section and select “Create new,” add a name, select “Create.”

7: In the box provided paste the signature you copied earlier by using “CTRL + V” or right clicking and choosing “Paste.”

8: Set the Signature defaults however you need them.

9: Scroll down and select :Save Changes” to save your settings.

10: Send a test email to yourself to make sure the whole signature appears. Sometimes when copying and pasting a little part might get missed. Also, check all your links to make sure they are pointing correctly to your pages.

11: If you have any problems, contact me for assistance. Thanks!

At this time the Gmail app for phones and tablets does not (natively) support HTML signatures. If you are using an iPhone or iPad and use Apple Mail, you can follow the steps below to add your signature.

Installation using an iPad or iPhone:

When installing your email signature using an iPad or iPhone, you might find the YouTube video below the instructions helpful.

1: Save the file to your device. View your files and open the file.

2: Open options and select “Copy.”

3: Go to settings and scroll down and select “Mail.” From the mail menu scroll down to “Signature” and select it.

4: Choose “All Accounts” or “Per Account” to choose which accounts the email signature will appear on.

5: Press and hold in the area provided. Choose “Paste” to paste the signature.

6: Send a test email to yourself; check all your links to make sure they are pointing correctly to your pages.

7: If you have any problems, contact me for assistance. Thanks!