Who is Mills Photo Design?

Hello, world. I’m Sydney, the owner and Chief Everything Officer at Mills Photo Design. I’m a tech and IoT enthusiast; a nerd in the proudest sense. I’ve been around the (Gutenberg) block a time or two and decided to bring my experience to small businesses ready to enter or better utilize the web.

What is Mills Photo Design?

  • First, we are an awesome resource for your small business to creatively enter the digital space.
  • We are managed WordPress hosting provider offering affordable dedicated hosting for sites.
  • We offer web design and web administration services.
  • We offer consulting services and lots of free resources designed to help you understand the web better.
  • Most importantly, we are your ally, your partner, and your biggest cheerleader for the success of your small business.

Why is Mills Photo Design?

I started Mills Photo Design as a small business resource to make the web work for you. It’s no secret that small businesses get the short end of the stick on the web. Hosting and design companies are not bashful about their inflated price tags. This leaves the web unapproachable for many small businesses and that’s not ok.